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KT Energy Received the Fort Nelson LNG facility Permit
KT Energy Receives Permit for Fort Nelson LNG Plant

Vancouver BC ¨C April 20, 2017 ¨C KT Energy Corporation (¡°KT Energy¡±), a LNG (liquefied natural gas) solution provider based in Vancouver BC, announced today that the British Columbia Oil & Gas Commission (BC OGC) has issued the company a LNG Facility Permit. The permit authorizes KT Energy to construct, maintain and operate a LNG facility in the vicinity of Fort Nelson, BC.

The Fort Nelson LNG Plant is KT Energy¡¯s first proposed Canadian LNG project and has been in development since 2015. It will be located 130 km northwest of Fort Nelson. The Plant¡¯s initial capacity will be approximately 20,000 gallons of LNG per day. The facility is scheduled for commissioning in late 2018. Subsequent expansion will be tailored to market conditions.

The Fort Nelson LNG Plant will utilize abundant local natural gas resources, and offer a closer and more cost effective source of LNG for the North. With access to Highway 97 and Highway 77, Fort Nelson is a gateway to long-haul LNG supply to Northern BC, Northwest Territories, Yukon, and Alaska. The existing natural gas pipeline network has its northern terminus in Fort Nelson. There is no natural gas supply via pipeline north of the community. The Plant and LNG transportation by road will serve as a virtual pipeline providing natural gas to off-grid communities, industrial and commercial users in this currently underserved region.

Natural Gas is a more environmentally friendly and economic source of energy than the liquid petroleum products it would supplement and replace. It will dramatically reduce emissions of NOx, SOx, and CO2. As an alternative fuel option, savings on LNG are considerable. This has been demonstrated in locations in which LNG has already displaced diesel. By making LNG more readily available, the Fort Nelson LNG Plant will stimulate and accelerate the adoption of natural gas in the North, making it a preferred option.

Speaking of the OGC¡¯s granting of the Permit, KT Energy¡¯s CEO, Betty Cheng stated, ¡°KT Energy is pleased with the Commission¡¯s decision. It is an important step in moving forward on an exciting project that will be good for the economy of BC and the North, and for our company.¡±


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