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Distributed LNG
Distributed LNG Concept

Natural gas is widely acknowledged to be the cleanest and most economical fossil energy today. Global consumption has increased significantly in recent years.

Natural gas becomes a liquid at approximately −162 C under atmospheric pressure. Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) only takes up around 1/600th of the volume of its gaseous state. This enables efficient storage and transportation of natural gas when pipelines are not a suitable solution.

Despite the advantages of LNG, the quantity of conventional fixed large-scale LNG plants has been limited by a number of factors, including high initial cost, lengthy construction time, and substantial operating overheads. This has resulted in high transportation expenses for distant end-users. Furthermore, numerous isolated gas reserves are stranded because the costs of building a conventional plant are prohibitive. In some cases these gas reserves remain stranded despite being close to communities due to the absence of either pipeline networks or LNG plants.

The best response to these constraints is decentralized liquefaction and point-of-use supply, what we call Distributed LNG. Small-scale modular LNG plants have made Distributed LNG technically and economically feasible.

These plants can be placed at the nearest gas source and provide point-of-use LNG supply to end-users. Thus, KT energy is able to establish a valuable LNG supply chain oriented toward the specific demand-profile of each customer.

These plants also bring LNG production to where it is needed, which allows liquefaction to be carried out on site, and thereby monetizes stranded gas reserves.


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Distributed LNG

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