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About Us
Our Philosophy


To provide clean, reliable, and cost-effective energy solutions that contribute to a changing energy future.


To be the leading provider of Distributed LNG.


Focus: To meet the burgeoning demands for energy via Distributed LNG.

Team: To develop a team to ensure customer satisfaction and company growth.

Technology: To continuously develop our expertise with the latest technologies, providing an advanced level of energy solutions

Customers: To provide the greatest value possible to customers, employing the right skills and attitudes to address their unique needs.

Society: To be socially responsible and care for the environment.

About Us

Company Profile
Our Philosophy

Distributed LNG

Distributed LNG Concept
Small-scale Modular LNG Plant
Storage and Transportation
Regasification and Fueling
Go LNG With KT Energy


Fort Nelson LNG Plant
LNG Plants in China
LNG Distribution to Remote Communities
LNG for Transportation
Natural Gas Distribution

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